Specialists in Asia and Global Emerging Markets

We are a specialist investment manager with a different perspective.

About us

Why Asia and Emerging Markets?

We believe Asia and Global Emerging Markets are attractive places to invest because of their fast economic growth and growing numbers of middle-class people that are spending more money on products and services.

But they are also complex markets, requiring deep insight and local knowledge. To be a successful investor requires going against the crowd.

It’s that different perspective that gives FSSA Investment Managers an edge.

Where we invest

When we invest in a particular region, we refer to this as a ‘strategy’.

Asia Pacific

Our range of Asia Pacific strategies invest in quality companies from across the region. We believe they have attractive business models and should benefit from Asia’s large populations, growing middle-classes and increased spending on products and services.

Global Emerging Markets

Our Global Emerging Market strategies cover Asia as well as other less developed and lower-income countries. They have similar reasons to invest as for Asia.  Global emerging markets are those markets which are not yet considered to be a developed market. We invest in companies which have the potential to grow much larger over time. 

Within Asia Pacific we have strategies covering the following sub-regions:

  • Our Greater China strategies cover China, China A-Shares, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  China provides the largest opportunity for investment in the region. Taiwan has a large technology sector and Hong Kong’s more developed governance and regulatory framework offers a number of interesting investment opportunities.
  • Our Indian Subcontinent strategies cover India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We tend to favour dominant consumer franchises, high quality private banks and infrastructure companies. We believe that the region has a favourable long-term growth environment for these types of companies.
  • Our Japan strategies are invested in quality companies that we believe should be able to grow bigger over time, irrespective of the broader economy. They include well-managed Japanese companies with global brand recognition, and domestic Japanese companies with unique business models.

Why FSSA Investment Managers?

At FSSA Investment Managers we believe that to consider the future, you need to understand the past. We believe that preserving our clients’ money is the most important aspect of growing it. And we believe that it is important to look at things through a different lens. With this mind-set, we look to invest in good people running good businesses that can grow over time.

1988 team established

Our history reflects our long-term approach to investing. We look for quality companies that we can buy and hold over time.

We aim to increase the value of your money over the long run

Our investment approach focuses on growing the money entrusted to us by our clients. With every investment that we make, we look at the potential downside as well as the upside.

20+ investment professionals

We have a team of specialist investment professionals who analyse many aspects of companies to find quality companies at sensible prices.

Environmental, social and governance issues are fully integrated

Environmental, social and governance analysis is fully integrated into our investment process, and has been since the team was established in 1988.